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Ironwood Construction

Ironwood Construction Company is a unique firm offering complete construction services throughout the San Francisco Bay area including the East Bay, Marin and San Francisco. We are licensed General Contractors and our California License Number is B444427

We are known for our expertise in providing innovative solutions to unique construction projects. We specialize in small to medium sized civil and structural engineering projects, both residential and commercial,. Our projects can be new construction or remodeling work, and sometimes involve some sort of drainage, foundation or structural improvement or repair work. We could perform the engineering or construction work required for a second story addition, a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project or seismic upgrading work for a residential or commercial building.

We also design retaining walls as well as engineer and construct repairs to existing walls and structures.

We are specialists in determining the causes of various types of water problems, settlement and foundation problems and engineering an appropriate repair scenario for the situation at hand.

Clients are often referred to us because of our design/build abilities and our willingness to work with owner/builders.

Our engineers work closely with homeowners, architects, contractors and geotechnical engineers to find the proper solution for each individual homeowner and their project needs. Projects are executed and delivered with an emphasis on safety and superior service.

Thomas C. Clark, President
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