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Ironwood Construction Company specializes in small to medium sized civil and structural engineering projects, both residential and commercial, that are typically located in Northern California. Our projects can be new construction or remodeling work, and sometimes involve some sort of drainage, foundation or structural improvement or repair work. We could perform the work required for a second story addition, a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project or for seismic upgrading work for a residential or commercial building.

We also design retaining walls as well as engineer repairs to existing walls and structures. We also are specialists in discovering the cause and repairing leak and water problems as well as settlement and foundation problems.

Clients are frequently referred to us by other contractors, engineers or former clients who are looking for a firm that can handle the whole project from the engineering phase through construction as design builders. We typically construct projects that we have also engineered but are willing to review prospective projects designed by others.

We also make sure that we fully understand what the client's expectations are and what they need us to provide and when.

1. Visit site to go over project with client and to allow our contractors to see the situation at hand. Depending on the project type we might be observing different things but our objective during this visit is to get a good grip on the scope of the project and to determine what course of action might be required to advance the client's project.

2. Plan a detailed course of action based on the project type, scope or the problem at hand. Some projects can be broken down into "Volkswagen, Chevrolet or Cadillac" type engineering and construction scenarios which can be helpful to a client in evaluating and planning the projects scope.

3. Another perspective to consider when planning a project is phasing the work. Phasing the project can help a client evaluate the success of a repair scenario as the work is implemented one phase at a time. It can be an effective way of spreading the construction work out over time for a client who doesn't want to do the whole project all at once.

4. Once the scope is determined and the client is ready to proceed a contract is drawn up specifying the work to be done.

5. Permits are obtained and the construction phase commences.

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